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Sermorelin Acetate


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  • Similar to GHRH in stimulating growth hormone production
  • Helps to burn fat, increase lean muscle, improve hormonal balance, enhance energy, and boost the immune system
  • Works amazing well for both men and women

NOTE:  Expected processing and shipping time of 12-14 days.

Nevada Residents: Unfortunately, we cannot ship this item to Nevada.

If you have questions regarding how to administer this peptide safely and effectively, please contact the office.  We’re happy to support you on your wellness journey.  Here are some videos showing you how to inject.

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Sermorelin Acetate is a synthetic hormone peptide similar in structure to a growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH).

It’s commonly utilized to optimize growth hormone levels in adults, offering a variable IGF-1 increase.
Sermorelin works to burn fat, increase lean muscle, improve hormonal balance, enhance energy, and boost the immune system.

Sermorelin can be added to your HRT treatment plan or can be its own stand-alone treatment.

  • Injectable
  • 7.5ML / Per Bottle
  • Comes with injection needles and sterilizing pads.


How it works:

Your sermorelin will be overnight shipped to you with all the injection supplies you'll need.
You'll inject 5 days a week straight, then take 2 days off.
The standard injection protocol is 500mcg subcutaneously in your belly fat before bedtime (at least 60-90 minutes after a meal.)
The needle is an insulin needle, so it is very small and is very easy to inject.
That's it!

When can I see results? 
We recommend going on a 6-month protocol, however, because this is a peptide, patients can continue treatment year-round.
Most patients experience the full benefits around 2-3 months.
Keep in mind, this is a peptide that is transforming you into a super machine into a stronger, more youthful, more optimized you. It takes time to change your body's biochemistry. This is why this peptide is a long-term plan (not a quick fix).

What are the side effects? 
Because this is a peptide, there are no side effects.
This is what makes taking sermorelin a more attractive option than injecting straight HGH.