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Affect all major body functions.

If you’re not looking or feeling your best your hormones might be to blame.

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Healing takes tremendous amounts of energy.

Support the process and heal faster with Peptide Therapy.

Katalyst Wellness San Diego

Wish you could slow the aging process?

We help you be in control of how you look and how you age.


Certified in Advanced Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy!

Recognized by Worldlink Medical, Dr. Seth Camhi has successfully completed the four-part live workshop series and examinations in mastering the protocols for optimization of hormone replacement therapy. 

Phone Consultation

First, we will listen to you, and understand fully what you are going through and what your goals are.

Then, we can help you make an informed decision so together we can map out the best course of action.

Office Visit

Following the initial phone consultation, we will have you come in for treatment.

In cases where it makes sense we’ll complete simple lab work. So that we get a clear picture of what’s going on in your health.

After Treatment

After your office visit, you’ll have a clear understanding of your best follow-up care.

And we’re equipped to design your treatment program; custom-tailored to fit your lifestyle.

Follow-Up Plan

This is where you get back to being you.

You get to choose the next steps in your wellness journey. We will support you with suggestions for a healthier lifestyle.

Let us help you level the playing field so that you can look good and feel great!


"I knew something was off, I was having a hard time losing weight, and very low energy. After starting HRT, my body fat is going down, I'm stronger in the gym, feeling less anxious, and having more energy throughout the day" - Rachael  F.

"At 59, I just didn't have the energy or motivation to workout, I wasn't seeing results, I finally went to Katalyst, and my energy and productivity have dramatically changed, even my family is noticing a huge difference." -Darren T.

"I was constantly bloated and fatigued, after months of trying to figure it out and feeling off, I decided to give Katalyst a try, after getting my blood work done, we found my hormone levels were not optimized. I got on a treatment plan and felt an immediate difference. I'll be a customer for life!"

- Chrisanna N.


Meet the Team

Our ultimate goal is to help you enhance the quality and extend the quantity of your life by incorporating diet, exercise, vitamins, supplements, hormones, and lifestyle changes.

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