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Looking For Long Term Joint Pain Relief?


mVASC Is A Single Injection Of Grafted Material That Increases Microcirculation And Reduces Inflammation—Resulting In Significant Joint Pain Relief.

“I had mVASC in my left knee 6 weeks ago and I’m absolutely AMAZED at how it has helped alleviate the pain!”

A 69 year old patient with bilateral knee Osteoarthritis had mVASC in left knee 6 weeks ago. He was told he needed left knee replacement – like the right one – and reported his schedule was too busy to do it, so he chose to get the mVASC to buy him some time to surgery.

He presented for follow up today. He is “amazed” and how it has helped and alleviate the pain in his left knee. He reports he is down 10 lbs and is working out like he did 15 years ago. He reports that he even started jogging his week.


“I never thought it would change my life the way It has.”  —  mVASC Patient

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mVASC Treatment Offers Long Term Joint Pain Relief

ur mVASC treatment is beneficial for many conditions causing joint pain including:


PRP therapy helps heal torn ligaments, tendons and muscles.


Because arthritis and most joint pain is the result of inflammation and degeneration, PRP therapy can help significantly reduce your pain.

mVASC is an in-office, non-invasive grafting treatment that can result in complete joint recovery in just one treatment.
No More Pain!

mVASC Treatment for Joint Pain Relief


The reduction in inflammation and pain is one of the top reasons to consider mVASC as a treatment option versus cortisone, Prolotherapy or even PRP.

Pharmaceutical medications just mask the pain and ultimately may be the worst option.

PRP uses your body’s own healing cells, which works in many cases, however it’s not a perfect fix. If your pain is the result of a circulatory deficiency, meaning there simply isn’t the necessary blood flow to reduce inflammation and increase healing, you need to address the root problem.

Circulatory deficiencies in joints, tendons, and ligaments can lead to pain and mVASC addresses this, primarily through increasing microvascular circulation.

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PRP Therapy Injections For Joint Pain

How To Choose Between mVASC And PRP Therapy

Dr. Camhi will help you through this decision. He’ll listen to your experience, review your health records if necessary, and discuss any challenges you may be facing.

Since both PRP therapy and our mVASC therapy are simple procedures that take place in office, the deciding factors are often:

  • Your underlying joint condition.
  • Number of treatments needed.
  • Budget.

PRP is less expensive, but often requires more than one treatment for optimal results, whereas mVASC is more expensive, but requires just one treatment.

mVASC Treatment FAQs

Can mVASC give me knee pain relief without surgery?

Yes!  Knee pain, shoulder pain, even wrist, hip or ankle pain relief is exactly what mVASC can do for you.

It’s non-surgical, and involve just one shot!  Call for a consultation.

What conditions are treated with mVASC injections?

This treatment is best for conditions causing chronic or ongoing joint pain.

Injuries, arthritis and inflammation are at the top of the list of conditions that mVASC helps treat.

Does it work better than joint pain relief cream?

Yes.  Joint pain relief cream is a short term solution and often doesn’t work well.

mVASC is a solution for people with chronic pain that are looking for long term joint pain relief.

I’ll be honest, it’s not cheap, but it is effective and a true long term solution that gets to the root of the problem.

Call for a consultation and pricing.

How many treatments will I need?

After Dr. Camhi reviews your medical history and completes a thorough physical exam, he can determine if you’re a good candidate for mVASC treatment or another non-surgical option.

The number of mVASC treatment injections you will need is almost always one.  This is a completely different solution than ever before and it’s a long term solution.

Call for a consultation.

Is mVASC a treatment for pain relief for joint pain?

Yes, when joint pain is a problem, our mVASC treatment is a non-surgical treatment that get to the root of the problem and results in long term joint pain relief.

Unlike cortisone or painkillers that just mask the problem, mVASC is a single injection that grafts what your body needs to reduce inflammation and even heal itself.

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Finally, Get the relief you need!

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