Alcat Food Sensitivity Testing

food sensitivity testing as diagnostic tool

What Is Food Sensitivity Testing?

You may be wondering why we'd use food sensitivity testing as a diagnostic tool.

Food sensitivity testing a simple way to uncover foods and other substances that can often trigger symptoms of chronic inflammation.  This chronic inflammation means your body is working harder than it should.  It leads to pain and leaves you susceptible to infections and disease.

How Does Food Sensitivity Testing work?

The Alcat food sensitivity test is a simple blood test that shows you how your body reacts to 450 foods, additives and chemicals.  With these results you'll discover what is keeping you from feeling your best.

Benefits of Alcat Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Fast and simple process—just a quick blood test.
  • The Alcat Test covers 450 of most common substances that cause inflammation.
  • Stop guessing about what you should or shouldn't eat.
  • Results are color coded and easy to understand.
  • Once you have the answers and give your body what it needs, you'll experience:
    • Less pain
    • More energy
    • Improved well being
    • Clear mind with less brain fog 
    • Just feel better
food sensitivity testing alcat

What Happens When You Get The Results?

The results of your Alcat food sensitivity test will include a color coded list of things you may want to avoid, but it doesn't end there.

You'll also receive practical tips on how to implement these changes into your daily life.  And the best'll get a personalized rotation plan so that you don't have to completely give up the things you love to feel your best.

It's a great way to improve your health and wellness so you can reach your goals.

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