Are Your Hormones Holding You Back?

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Is Your Body Working With You?
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We’re not your average weight loss clinic…

Some Weight Loss clinics focus only on the quick fix.  At Katalyst Wellness We’re focused on your long term health.

Does it feel like no matter what you do
the weight just doesn’t come off?

Working out, intermittent fasting, counting carbs, tracking calories…you’ve tried it all. But still you’re not seeing the results you want.  You either aren’t losing weight at all or if you do lose a few pounds, it’s only a matter of time until you gain them back again—Ugh.

It’s time to partner with a wellness clinic that wants to help you lose weight and live your best life.  At Katalyst Wellness we’re more than just a weight loss clinic – we’re focused on your long term health!

“Not only did I lose over 40 pounds in the first few months, but my cholesterol level is now within the normal range!” — L.J.

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So, what’s getting in the way of your weight loss goals?

Weight loss sounds simple…calories in vs calories out, right? 
Not exactly.  Weight loss depends on many factors:

•   Hormones

Your hormones affect a lot…from sleep to moods to weight loss.  Are yours holding you back?

•   Body composition

We track your body composition via weekly InBody scans to help you determine your progress and how you need to eat to make progress.

•   Stress & Sleep

Did you know your stress level and sleep patterns can impede your weight loss results, if they aren’t managed properly?

•   Types of workouts

Depending on your body composition certain types of exercise are better suited to get you better results. 

In addition to looking and feeling better weight loss research has shown that people often experience a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol, which results in a lower the risk of heart disease, including heart failure, stroke, and kidney disease!

We can help you overcome your struggle,
And get healthy, once and for all!

“I’ve lost an average of 10 pounds each month.  And I look and feel great!” — Tori. C.

Better Than A Weight Loss Clinic?


We offer the same treatment options that many weight loss clinics offer, such as, Semaglutide Injections, weekly body scans, meal plans and tracking but with the added benefit of a doctor with decades of experience in genetics and hormone.

  • We test for hormone imbalances that might be getting in the way.
  • Food sensitivity testing is available.
  • Dr. Camhi has decades of training and experience with hormone imbalances, genetic pre-dispositions, and nutrition and how they affect your health goals.
  • Plus, we’ll give you the tools and training you need to keep the weight off!

    Katalyst Wellness is not your average weight loss clinic, we’re committed to helping you optimize your health overall so that you can live your best life!

    Aesthetics Treatments For Anti-Aging
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    Weight Loss Tools and Treatments

    The key to weight loss are having the tools and treatments that are right for you.  We’ll set your body up to burn more fat so that you see better results, faster.  

    Plus, you’ll learn more about your unique body type.  We’ll teach you how you can eat right for your body and what types of exercise is most beneficial for you.


    Semaglutide injections could be your key to weight loss success!

    One of the most important parts of losing weight is setting your body up to burn more fat. And that’s exactly what we will help you do.

    Start with a wellness consultation and see if Semaglutide is right for you. You’ll be so glad you did!

    It’s Time To Do Something About It.

    If you’ve been wishing for a weight loss boost…Katalyst Wellness is the place to start!

    • Feel confident because we have the experience you need to uncover what’s been holding you back.
    • We can help set you up with better habits for life-long health.
    • And if it’s just a boost you need, we’ve got that too.

    Are you ready to Look Good and Feel Great?!

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