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Our Mission Is To Safely Assist Our Patients With Bioidentical Hormone Optimization.


kateryn fernald
My personal mission is to educate as many people as possible to the benefits of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). While I am not an MD, I have attended some of the leading courses in the country and BHRT changed my life for the better. From the age of 18 years old I had a difficult time with anxiety, stress, sleep, weight gain and overthinking everything. I felt as though I was always “on-edge” and my brain would never allow me to relax. I went to my family physician who prescribed me an anti-depressant, explaining that it would help with my level of anxiety. 12 years later and I had rotated through multiple anti-depressants/anxiety medications trying to find the one with the least side effects. Throughout the years I trusted the doctors and didn’t have any alternative options. One day, my personal trainer suggested a different physician. After 2 weeks I had a new plan! The physician and I discussed my blood work and decided to take me off of all medications. During this time, he prescribed bio-identical hormones to “level out” my levels. He explained that while my hormone levels, including progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone, were all within the “normal” medical range, they were also at the lower end of this range. He said, if we were to raise those hormone levels while staying within that “normal” range, it might help with my symptoms. Within 5 weeks, my life had changed forever. It was like a light switched on within my body. All of a sudden, I could think clearer, I had more energy, my body responded to workouts, I wasn’t as anxious, and I was able to sleep through the night. I was able to avoid overthinking about “what if” but rather live for the moment and enjoy life. I asked my physician as to why I was never offered this option in the past. He explained to me that American healthcare is not meant to be preventative. Then he showed me an excerpt from Medicare. “Care that seeks to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong and enhance the quality of life is not considered medically necessary.” Medicare (MCM 2251.2) I have been on hormone replacement therapy going on 4 years and my goal is to tell my story to as many patients as possible, to hopefully give them the option that I wasn’t given.
Jason Godinho

Jason Godinho’s passion for fitness, health, and nutrition began when he lost 30lbs after graduating from high school. He earned his personal trainer certification from the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) which is considered the gold standard for personal training certifications. He subsequently went on to become the Personal Training Coordinator for SDSU and entered the university’s Kinesiology program.

Since he struggled with his own weight, helping those who had the same type of weight loss problems achieve their goals became highly rewarding. He continued to expand his education by acquiring certifications through the NCSF and ACE and eventually became a course proctor for the World Institute of Training School of Fitness.

After taking a circuitous route through college and finishing with a business management degree while working full time, Jason ended up using his education and love for business to engage as an entrepreneur and adventurer in multiple industries. He found himself as a top salesperson in the Electronic Design Automation software space. The software he sold to engineers helped them design the circuit boards that control machines like Tesla cars and Apple iPhones.

He then left that industry to enter the world of credit card processing on the ground floor. Over 14 years ago he started helping business owners get equipped to accept credit cards for their business. While in this industry he found he had a talent for remodeling and a passion for real estate. So in 2012, he founded Lion’s Den Developers which is a real estate development firm that deals with all facets of real estate investing from full-scale renovations to multi-family developments, and even vacant land deals.

Through this time, Jason never left his love for fitness behind. He continues to train with weights and cardio between 4-6 days a week and if he’s not in the gym, he’s getting his exercise on the golf course. In the winter you can find him on the slopes snowboarding. He has also maintained his interest in researching the newest trends from workouts to machines to supplements and ergogenic aids otherwise known as PEDs.

As the Director of Operations, Jason is committed to your wellness because that’s the real reason he does what he does. Ever since becoming a certified personal trainer, he found he loves to help people reach their wellness goals and most importantly get to the quality of life they are striving to achieve. Working closely with the Doc he is always researching the best products available (whether its peptides, supplements, IV treatments or cosmetic/aesthetic applications) that the team can bring into the office and offer to you, the patient.

seth camhi
ABHRT Certification Seal

Seth Camhi, MD, MBA is a board-certified Family Physician with additional training in Sports Medicine. He offers innovative therapies to his patients and works with them to achieve optimal health and well-being. He prides himself on providing individualized care and working with like-minded people while providing care to his patients as if they were one of his family members.

Dr. Camhi has teamed up with Jason and Katryn to form Katalyst Wellness within his practice in San Diego. This opportunity allows him to expand his services to include Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy along with more comprehensive IM / IV Vitamin Therapy regimens in addition to offering peptides and pharmaceutical grade supplements. These services complement our Weight Loss Program, cosmetic/aesthetic applications and Regenerative Medicine services to create a Comprehensive Primary Care Wellness Center.

As Medical Director / Founder, Dr. Camhi is committed to helping you on your wellness journey and looks forward to helping you reach your ultimate goals.
Dr. Camhi has passed the IV Part Certification Exam. He is now a select group of physicians with this advanced level training with the newly established ABHRT Certification program.

Maira Cummings
Advanced Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Myra is an advanced nurse injector who genuinely believes each patient is unique and aesthetic treatments should be personalized. ⁠

With a background in neonatal intensive care, her passion for perfection, attention to detail, and artistic eye help patients enhance their natural beauty without looking “overdone.” ⁠

“Having patients trust my judgment is immensely gratifying” says Myra. ⁠

She has been a nurse injector for the past 8 years and loves to continue expanding her education through classes and courses.

When not working, Myra and her husband like to explore different countries and immerse themselves in the local culture.

If your goal is to look natural and refreshed, book an appointment with Myra because no one really needs to know what you do to look your best.