GHK-CU “Hollywood Peptide”

The “Hollywood Peptide” Reduces Fine Lines And Wrinkles And Stimulates Hair Regrowth.

Benefits Of The Hollywood Peptide

What is GHK-CU 
The “Hollywood Peptide”?

GHK-CU is a naturally occurring copper complex that was first identified in human plasma, but has since been found in multiple locations such as saliva and urine. These copper peptides are small, naturally occurring protein fragments that have a high affinity for copper ions. All of which are critical to normal body function.

What Does The “Hollywood Peptide” Do?

GHK-CU has a variety of roles in the human body, including, but not limited to, promoting activation of wound healing, attracting immune cells, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, stimulating collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis in skin fibroblasts, and promoting blood vessel growth.

What Are The Benefits Of The “Hollywood Peptide”?

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulating hair regrowth
  • Building up the adrenal gland
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Slowing natural changes in the body that come with age
  • Providing more energy
  • Improving mood and memory
  • Building up bone and muscle strength

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Hollywood Peptide (GHK-CU)

How Does The Hollywood Peptide Work?

GHK-CU acts as a potent protector of tissue and an anti-inflammatory agent that controls the oxidative damage that occurs post-tissue injury.

Further, it then plays a big role in signaling tissue remodeling, which removes damaged/scarred tissue and generates new, healthy tissue.
However, these positive effects decline with age because the concentration of GHK-CU in the body decreases with age.

Thus, there is an increase in inflammation, cancerous activity, and tissue destruction.

Hollywood Peptide — FAQs

What is the "Hollywood Peptide" GHK-CU used for?
Wound healing, anti-inflammation, DNA repair, Nerve regeneration, antioxidation, collagen deficiency.
Is the "Hollywood Peptide" GHK-CU topical cream effective?
Yes, topical GHK-CU creams can be very effective.  In fact, GHK-CU creams are the most effective form of treatment.
Is GHK-CU injection more effective than topical creams?
No.  Believe it or not, this is one of the few instances where a topical cream is often more effective than an injection.
How effective is the "Hollywood Peptide" GHK-CU for hair loss?
GHK-CU is one form of treatment for hair loss that can be effective, especially in the prevention of hair loss.

However, it is often not the most effective form of treatment for hair loss.

Your best course of action is to start with a consultation and bloodwork to determine if there are any other hormonal imbalances that are the underlying cause of your hair loss.

What are the Hollywood Peptide GHK Cu side effects?
As with anything, one can get an allergic reaction at the site.  One of the main benefits of using peptides is that they don’t have dangerous systemic side effects.
What is the best copper peptide for skin?
GHK-CU, also known as  glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine-copper, is the best known peptide for the skin.

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