Sermorelin/Glycine Tablets


Call for pricing:  (858) 294-2201

This product is ONLY available to residents of California.  The pharmacy will not allow us to fulfil any orders with shipping destinations outside of California.



Do you want to try Sermorelin/Glycine to boost your overall wellness, but are a little bit apprehensive about injections or tired of waiting for CA to re-approve shipping of the product back to the state?  Then you would be a great candidate for the sublingual dissolvable tablets.

These tablets dissolve within the cheek cavity in 5-10 minutes or so and the active components get transferred through the membrane of the mouth into the bloodstream.

The dosing protocol would be to dissolve one tablet in the cheek prior to bedtime at least 90 minutes after your last meal.

Since this is a newly compounded method of delivery for a traditionally proven injectable, we are highly recommending an IGF-1 test before you begin the treatment and one 30 days after.

IGF-1 is a hormone that is produced once Growth Hormone is released in the body.  If you have elevated levels of IGF-1 on your second test, then it would be productive to continue treatment as that indicates the tablets are working for you.

The pharmacy has extended a discount for their newly released product.  It is $225 for their 30 day supply of tablets which is normally priced at $270.

Please call for more information on how to order.