Reveal Your TruAge

The World’s Most Advanced Epigenetic Test

TruAge reads 850,000 spots on your DNA to tell you how quickly your body is aging. We’ll show you why your age isn’t defined by the day you were born!

Katalyst Wellness is excited to offer the new epigenetic TruAge™ test from TruDiagnostic™, a test that will generate the most informative report of science-backed research with your results.

This test will provide you with an accurate overview of your current health status and a path forward for your future health journey. Find yourself better prepared to combat the world’s oldest disease, aging. Use the results to turn back the clock and ensure that you will live a longer and healthier life!

There’s A Lot Your DNA Isn’t Telling You

Everyone knows their chronological age. This is the number of candles that are on top of your birthday cake and the birthdays you celebrate. However, developments in science have created another measurement of age called biologic age. This bio-age is based on years of statistical research of DNA which can more accurately predict how healthy you are and how long you might live. Your DNA normally keeps this a secret all to itself, but TruAge knows how to crack the code.


Introducing TruAge™

TruAge™ tests up to 425x more spots on the DNA than any other age predictor. We use an algorithm powered by machine learning to create your personalized report that tells you your current biological age, as well as next steps on how to lower your age! Reducing biological age leads to a drastically lowered chance of mortality.


Why Is Knowing Your Biological Age So Crucial?

Biological age isn’t just a tool to see how long you could live, it’s a tool that can be used to see how healthy you really are.

Everyone wants to live without age-related problems, and TruAge is here to help give you a roadmap to make that a reality. The TruAge report gives you a clear picture of what changes to your lifestyle can help lower your biological age.

Here’s How TruAge Works

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1

Call to schedule an appointment to do a TruDiagnostic test with us!

Step 2

During your appointment, we'll collect your blood sample and send it to the lab for testing.

Step 3

In approximately 6-8 weeks, your personal report will become available and you will be able to view your TruAge and your personalized report!

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