Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing: Did you know that we offer Professional genetic testing (there is a difference) at reasonable prices that can greatly reduce the health and mental risks that are caused or contributed to by mutated genes?

Your genes (DNA) can put you at an increased risk of health conditions such as depression, anxiety, excess body fat, poor sleep, low energy, ADD, ADHD, dementia, heart disease, declining memory, diabetes, premature aging, and many more.

Information. Like lab testing, your unique genetic profile provides information on what diet and what supplements will best support your DNA.

Did you know that FOOD is information that talks to your DNA? What is your food telling your body? Is your food (and supplements) giving good directions to your DNA?

Supplements: Did you know that >70% of the supplements taken by people provide no biological effect for the person taking the supplement? That the food we eat and supplements we take regulates our gene expression?

Call our offices to set up a phone consult to learn more about how you can test your genes. Our genetic tests can be sent directly to your home. Personal visits are not required. Test your family!

With knowledge of your genetic profile, our experts can then more precisely and scientifically determine the best diet (eating plan) for YOU and the best supplements for YOU to take to help you stay healthy and to maximize your potential.

Best diet and supplement plan. Your unique genetic profile provides us with important information to address YOUR unique biochemical differences and genetic mutations.

If you have already tested by us but want to review your test and your supplement and diet program, contact us at to set up a phone consultation. This could be a virtual appointment as well.

Want to know your genetic profile? Contact us and we will discuss the best test for you. Again, no personal contact is required, and we can send the test kit(s) to your home.