Fat Loss Cream

It has been discovered that the use of Aminophylline / Glycyrrhetinic Acid Fat Loss Cream as a topical application can help reduce the thickness of subcutaneous fat. The cream’s transdermal effects enter the bloodstream through the pores to increase absorption rates. Upon entering the bloodstream, it interacts with bioactive ingredients and creates temporary dehydration. This, in turn, helps the body utilize fat as fuel, reducing body fat, and resulting in greater weight loss in the process.

The Benefits

  • Increases the rate at which the body burns fat
    Helps increase cAMP which results in increased fat breakdown.
  • Encourages lipolysis.
  • Accesses stubborn areas of fat on the body and works to burn and oxidize the fat for increased weight loss.
  • It can also be used to help even out areas of the body which appear disproportionate after weight loss or changes to your body when you’re working out.
  • Some people use it to help prevent the body from storing fat, modulating cortisol levels, and discouraging cells from storing fat.


In order for you to see results using Aminophylline / Glycyrrhetinic Acid Fat Loss Cream, the cream has to cross the hypodermis layer (beneath the epidermis) of the skin. Therefore, the results you will see will depend upon how well the ingredients can penetrate the skin. For best results, users should apply the cream onto the targeted areas one to two times daily (morning and evening). Regardless of the desired outcome, Aminophylline / Glycyrrhetinic Acid Fat Loss Cream isn’t going to work alone. It can, however, alongside diet and exercise, help target troubled areas on the body where fat deposits or more fat cells are present.

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